Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Google Reader integration for GMail

Today I spent some minutes on writing a small Google Gadget which can be used to integrate the Google Reader into GMail.

You can add it to your GMail by enabling the "Add any gadget by URL" Labs feature within GMail and then add the gadget with this URL: http://gadgets.feth.com/reader/reader-gmail.xml.

It will display a small tab in your sidebar from which you can access Google Reader. The Reader will open in the area where you normally read your mails and will look like this:

Please feel free to write a comment and/or rate this gadget. If you encounter any problems, feel free to send me a note or use the comments section!


  1. Hi Mr.Joscha Feth, can you explain why this gadget don't work in my gmail? I've installed the gadget successfully and it appears in my gmail side bar, but when I click on "Click title to maximize" I am getting the empty space.


    I am searching many days the ways to integrate google reader to gmail, and I thought this will works at last, but again nothing. :-(

    Sincerelly, Vlada

  2. Sorry, the previous image is deleted. Here the example:


  3. Due to changes in GMail, the gadget does not seem to work any more - if you have got a fix I am glad to pull it in!

  4. Thanks for your answer. I am sorry but I am not the technical man. :(

    Google reader incorporated in the gmail is wonderful thing, and I don't understand why the google team don't fix that.