Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

The Enterprisity

I am so frustrated today...I definitely needed to translate an (relatively unknown) urban definition to English which exists in German since 2007 (Thanks to Michael Kukat):

Enterprisity - Measure for the adequacy of a method, a software or a person for his/her/its application in an enterprise, especially in major corporations. Important distinguishing features regarding enterprisity are the artificially boosted complexity, the resistance to counseling (primarily those of persons), the high demand for process orientation simultaneously paired with the preferred total circumnavigation of it, as well as the most miserable performance in comparison to competitive products (or persons) at the most terrible price.

Possible uses:

What the heck... I think the enterprisity got me - I didn't get any work done today!

God I love this company, there is such a low enterprisity, it almost feels like working on an Open source project.

Shoot! Why do I need to work with this rubbish - are they still trying to maximize enterprisity?

If you are a native speaker, please use the comments to help me remove any expression flaws from the definition. Thanks ;-)


  1. Großartig und voller Wahrheit :) Grüße, Kwiat

  2. Endlich anglifiziert das mal jemand :)